Makeup Tips, Makeup Tutorial for Women Over 50

Hi, we’re coming to you today, for women 55 and forward today, we’re going to learn about makeup,

for our age group, this is the first in our series,  makeup

I’m now sitting with the celebrity makeup artist Sujata, she has over 20 years of experience working with personalities in fashion television and politics, she’s worked with Barbara Walters, Diana Ross, Diane Sawyer, Linda Ellerbee, and Hillary Clinton,

I know she understands women over 55, Regina is our model for today, Regina was the face for Tiffany jewelry, when it was introduced into Japan 20 years ago, now that she’s passed her 60th birthday, she has no  perry subtle changes to her appearance,

like many of us, she would like to wear her makeup just naturally, the way she looked 15 years ago, so she is going to help us to do that,

many women over 50 and 60 tend to be discouraged with their complexions, so, therefore, they overcompensate, by using too much makeup, or not enough makeup at all but the key is to use the proper tools,

the proper application and to create a youthful look, now we’re ready to start with Regina’s makeup, she looks as though she has a bare face but I know you had her do some things ahead of time to prepare the face,

I had her cleanse tone and moisturize. I know that sun protection is important in a moisturizer, tell us about that yes, the best sun protection for the face is factor 30,

however, some people feel that if they use sun protection with 15 in their moisturizer and 15 in their foundation, that it equals 30 but it doesn’t you still get only 15 so 30 is the best,

okay now I understand we’re going to be applying primer, this is a new idea for me I understand it’s been in the high-end lines, but now it’s becoming part of drugstore lines,

tell me about it primer, prepares the skin for the foundation, it softens the skin it hydrates the skin and it’s almost similar to speckling where you fill in the crevices and any little thing that just softens, so when you apply your foundation it’s much smoother,

it gives better smoother coverage and appearance to the face, now concealer I know it’s good for under the eyes, but where else do you use it.

I use a concealer not only under the eyes but in the sinus area, on the eyelids, because it allows the eye shadows to last longer and cling to the eyes,

down the center of the nose and over the mouth and this helps to even out the whole skin tone in front of the face. tell me what concealer,

what kind of color should one choose, you should always use a concealer that is slightly two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, with foundation, I’ve noticed that in department stores they always test it on my wrist for color, is that the right way to test for colo,r well it’s not the wrong way,

but I find that it’s best to apply to your jaw bone here, because you want to match your face with your neck and you blend it in, that’s the best way in my opinion and if you can do it in natural lighting that’s even better,

now I also noticed that you use a little sponge or something to apply it instead of your fingers, yes why do you do tha,t because your fingers have natural oils on them and with a sponge it’s easier to blend, and also if you have a little bit of product in  the sponge, you can just press if you want to add more,

now tell me about powder, I’ve always thought powder was something you added at the end of the makeup, to keep off the shine, yes Ben I applied powder directly after the foundation so that we can seal the foundation in and if there’s any droppage from the eyeshadow, it’s easier to whisk it off and then sometimes I apply it at the very end, also after the blush is applied and the shadows and everything, just to fill the whole look now we’ve created a beautifully toned skin it’s a canvas of face in the next segment we’ll be dealing with beautiful eyes.

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