Natural Wrinkle Treatment Creams | using Egg Whites

Hello, friends, all about natural wrinkle treatment, I’m giving tips, on free skincare remedies, using natural creams, for natural wrinkle treatment.

Sagging of skin is a common problem, for the people who have dry skin and wrinkly skin this will help, it often gives your skin very shabby edged looks, when not looked after,

which all of us can do without, Because none of us want to look old, I like to use natural wrinkle treatment, its very cost effective and works.

So how do we keep our skin tight and prevent wrinkles? I have used the yellow portion of egg to keep skin wrinkle-free. To do the thing right use the white portion too, you can save to act as a skin tightener for your skin.

These natural remedies are very easy to follow. It takes only five to ten minutes a day, at any time you can practice it or you can do it, you can apply it. And you can have healthy skin, tight skin for a long time.

Then with the white of the egg, mix a little sugar, Then a little honey with it. Now we are going to use another skin tightener that is called Cobbler juice. You can mix it, and even you can preserve it in your refrigerator for five to seven days in a bottle, in a tight bottle of course.

After the sugar is dissolved completely in egg white and honey, you can take it with a piece of cotton, and you can apply to all over your face. And you can take it in semi-moist cotton, you soak the cotton in it and apply it all over your face and neck portion.

The moist cotton contains this mixture and even if you have sagging skin on your arms and hands, you can apply there also. Wait for another ten minutes and then wash it off with fresh water. You will instantly notice that your skin is looking tight and sagging of the skin is less. So this skin tightener is an excellent remedy for loose or sagging skin. I think all these traditional Indian remedies are very useful, to me, and you also. Thank you for reading.

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