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The Story of Cosmetics

This is a story about a world obsessed with stuff. It’s a story about a system in crisis. We’re trashing the planet, we’re trashing each other, and we’re not even having fun. The good thing is that when we start to understand the system, We start to see lots of places to step in and turn these problems into solutions. Can I tell you, I love my Pantene Pro V. Of the dozen or so personal care products I use everyday, it’s the one I can’t live without. Says it gives my dull hair “the ultimate cool shine.” How does it do that? I was wondering that, while I was lathering it into my hair one day, so I read the ingredients right here: Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Methyl-iso-thiazo-linone… What is this stuff? I took this list to some scientists who know how to read it. Turns out my Pantene contains a chemical linked to cancer. And lots of other products in my bathroom from sunscreen to lipstick and even baby shampoo also contain chemicals linked to cancer or other problems like learning disabilities, asthma, and even damaged sperm.

Like most parents, I try to keep my family safe but now I find out my bathroom is a minefield of toxins. What are we supposed to do? To find out the answers we have to go back to one of the key features of our materials economy: Toxics in, toxics out. If, at the factory, you pour toxic chemicals into a product – like baby shampoo – you’re going to wind up with… toxic baby shampoo … AND toxics in workers, communities, and, duh, babies. So let’s take a closer look at this toxic outrage where it seeps into our lives every day – in the bathroom. The average woman in the U.S. uses about twelve personal care products daily.

The average man, about six. Each product contains a dozen or more chemicals. Less than twenty percent of all chemicals in cosmetics have been assessed for safety by the industry’s safety panel so we just don’t know what they do to us when we use them. Would you fly on an airline that only inspects twenty percent of its planes? Of course, not all of these chemicals are dangerous. But we know that many are. Some are carcinogens – that means they can cause cancer. Others are neurotoxins and reproductive toxins; proven to mess up brain development and reproduction in animals. Wait a minute, we’re animals too! It’s like a giant experiment. We’re using all these mystery chemicals and just waiting to see what happens. One thing we do know is that they’re getting inside us. I had my body’s toxicity levels tested, and I’m loaded with things like mercury, flame retardants, triclosan and lead! We all are. Even babies are being born pre-polluted. Now I know we can’t live in a lead free world, but do they have to put lead in our lipstick? I don’t know.

Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I just bought the wrong thing. At the store, the choices seem endless. I can get lipstick in 49 shades or shampoo for hair that’s too dry, oily, fine, limp, or frizzy. But what about the choices that really matter? Like the choice to buy products that are safe? It turns out the important decisions don’t happen when I choose to take a product off the shelf. They happen when companies and governments decide what should be put on the shelves. So who are these companies? This is Procter & Gamble. They’re the ones offering me “Herbal Essences,” the number two shampoo in the country. It contains toxic petrochemicals – made from oil. Since when is oil an herb? On cosmetics labels, words like “herbal”, “natural”, even “organic” have no legal definition. That means anybody can put anything in a bottle and call it natural. And they do. I mean, can you imagine a top seller called “petro-essences?” Gross. What’s even nastier are hair relaxers marketed to 5 year olds, and skin whitening creams. These are super toxic both in their ingredients and in the message they send about what beauty is.

Ooh, here’s Estee Lauder offering me a chance to help find a cure for breast cancer. That’s nice. But wait…they’re also using chemicals linked to cancer. Don’t you think the best way for Estee Lauder to fight cancer is to stop using those chemicals in the first place? So really, I get to choose between meaningless claims on a bottle. But these guys get the real choice about what goes into those bottles. And that happens back here at the factories where they’re formulated. Why do the makers of these products use all these toxics, are they trying to poison us? No, they’re just working from a 1950s mindset when people were totally swept up in “better living through chemistry”. In all that excitement, they forgot to worry about human health impacts. That was years ago, and they are still using these same old toxic chemicals. Today big cosmetics companies say the doses of poison in their products are small enough to be harmless.

Yeah maybe if you use them once a year! I guess they never get out and see that their products are being used and combined with other products every day: a little toxic dose under your arms, a little more on your hair, on your lips. And workers in nail and hair salons get dosed all day long! So the industry is used to doing things this way. And they can, because even now that scientists have linked the chemicals they’re using to all sorts of problems, there are no laws to get rid of them. You’re thinking – Really? Come on. Nobody’s making sure that the stuff we smear all over our bodies is safe? No! The FDA doesn’t even assess the safety of personal care products, or their ingredients. Since 1938, they’ve banned just eight out of over 12,000 ingredients used in cosmetics. They don’t even require that all of the ingredients be listed on the label! Now this is an example where we can all agree a little more government action would be helpful! This lack of regulation leaves a huge hole that the cosmetics industry is all too happy to fill.

They set up their own committee to self-police their products. And compliance with their “recommendations” is voluntary! So, the cosmetics industry is making the rules and then deciding whether or not to follow them. So, you see, it isn’t our fault that these toxic products are in our bathrooms. It’s a whole broken system that’s ignoring the simple rule: toxics in, toxics out. But we’re not helpless. There are resources online that we can use to protect ourselves by identifying the best possible choices in the store.

But the real action is with people working to change the system. Because, if we really want to solve this problem, we gotta start here with these guys. Women, parents, workers, people all over the country are demanding that Congress pass a new law giving the FDA the power to make sure that our personal care products are safe. We need common-sense laws based on the precautionary principle. That means that when we’re dealing with hazardous chemicals, just err on the side of caution. Let’s not debate how much lead should be allowed in lipstick… Just get toxic chemicals out of our products. Smarter laws would force companies to get past that old 50s mindset and figure out how to get us all clean and shiny without toxic chemicals. Can they? Totally. Many responsible cosmetics companies are already putting safer products on the market. Green chemists are developing substances that are designed to be safe and non-toxic in the first place.

European governments have required the removal of many toxic chemicals and companies have figured out how to comply. When cosmetics are reformulated to be safe and labeled honestly, then we can feel comfortable with the choices available at the store. We can choose bouncy hair or full hair. Shiny lipstick or matte. We can even choose to feel beautiful without using twenty products. But we’ll know that whatever we choose, the most important choice, the choice to be safe and healthy, has already been made.


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Makeup tutorial

Makeup tutorial a must to watch, very achievable with a little determination, defiantly worth the effort, look good, feel better.


Natural Wrinkle Treatment Creams | using Egg Whites

Hello, friends, all about natural wrinkle treatment, I’m giving tips, on free skincare remedies, using natural creams, for natural wrinkle treatment.

Sagging of skin is a common problem, for the people who have dry skin and wrinkly skin this will help, it often gives your skin very shabby edged looks, when not looked after,

which all of us can do without, Because none of us want to look old, I like to use natural wrinkle treatment, its very cost effective and works.

So how do we keep our skin tight and prevent wrinkles? I have used the yellow portion of egg to keep skin wrinkle-free. To do the thing right use the white portion too, you can save to act as a skin tightener for your skin.

These natural remedies are very easy to follow. It takes only five to ten minutes a day, at any time you can practice it or you can do it, you can apply it. And you can have healthy skin, tight skin for a long time.

Then with the white of the egg, mix a little sugar, Then a little honey with it. Now we are going to use another skin tightener that is called Cobbler juice. You can mix it, and even you can preserve it in your refrigerator for five to seven days in a bottle, in a tight bottle of course.

After the sugar is dissolved completely in egg white and honey, you can take it with a piece of cotton, and you can apply to all over your face. And you can take it in semi-moist cotton, you soak the cotton in it and apply it all over your face and neck portion.

The moist cotton contains this mixture and even if you have sagging skin on your arms and hands, you can apply there also. Wait for another ten minutes and then wash it off with fresh water. You will instantly notice that your skin is looking tight and sagging of the skin is less. So this skin tightener is an excellent remedy for loose or sagging skin. I think all these traditional Indian remedies are very useful, to me, and you also. Thank you for reading.


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Makeup Tips, Makeup Tutorial for Women Over 50

Hi, we’re coming to you today, for women 55 and forward today, we’re going to learn about makeup,

for our age group, this is the first in our series,  makeup

I’m now sitting with the celebrity makeup artist Sujata, she has over 20 years of experience working with personalities in fashion television and politics, she’s worked with Barbara Walters, Diana Ross, Diane Sawyer, Linda Ellerbee, and Hillary Clinton,

I know she understands women over 55, Regina is our model for today, Regina was the face for Tiffany jewelry, when it was introduced into Japan 20 years ago, now that she’s passed her 60th birthday, she has no  perry subtle changes to her appearance,

like many of us, she would like to wear her makeup just naturally, the way she looked 15 years ago, so she is going to help us to do that,

many women over 50 and 60 tend to be discouraged with their complexions, so, therefore, they overcompensate, by using too much makeup, or not enough makeup at all but the key is to use the proper tools,

the proper application and to create a youthful look, now we’re ready to start with Regina’s makeup, she looks as though she has a bare face but I know you had her do some things ahead of time to prepare the face,

I had her cleanse tone and moisturize. I know that sun protection is important in a moisturizer, tell us about that yes, the best sun protection for the face is factor 30,

however, some people feel that if they use sun protection with 15 in their moisturizer and 15 in their foundation, that it equals 30 but it doesn’t you still get only 15 so 30 is the best,

okay now I understand we’re going to be applying primer, this is a new idea for me I understand it’s been in the high-end lines, but now it’s becoming part of drugstore lines,

tell me about it primer, prepares the skin for the foundation, it softens the skin it hydrates the skin and it’s almost similar to speckling where you fill in the crevices and any little thing that just softens, so when you apply your foundation it’s much smoother,

it gives better smoother coverage and appearance to the face, now concealer I know it’s good for under the eyes, but where else do you use it.

I use a concealer not only under the eyes but in the sinus area, on the eyelids, because it allows the eye shadows to last longer and cling to the eyes,

down the center of the nose and over the mouth and this helps to even out the whole skin tone in front of the face. tell me what concealer,

what kind of color should one choose, you should always use a concealer that is slightly two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, with foundation, I’ve noticed that in department stores they always test it on my wrist for color, is that the right way to test for colo,r well it’s not the wrong way,

but I find that it’s best to apply to your jaw bone here, because you want to match your face with your neck and you blend it in, that’s the best way in my opinion and if you can do it in natural lighting that’s even better,

now I also noticed that you use a little sponge or something to apply it instead of your fingers, yes why do you do tha,t because your fingers have natural oils on them and with a sponge it’s easier to blend, and also if you have a little bit of product in  the sponge, you can just press if you want to add more,

now tell me about powder, I’ve always thought powder was something you added at the end of the makeup, to keep off the shine, yes Ben I applied powder directly after the foundation so that we can seal the foundation in and if there’s any droppage from the eyeshadow, it’s easier to whisk it off and then sometimes I apply it at the very end, also after the blush is applied and the shadows and everything, just to fill the whole look now we’ve created a beautifully toned skin it’s a canvas of face in the next segment we’ll be dealing with beautiful eyes.

For a very informative book on makeup tips go to the link below, its free for now, so don’t wait to get it now while you still can.

For your free gift click here.


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Make your choice Video.

The make your choice video,makes you really think about our beauty,
Its not just skin deep,it lies within,beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
we are all beholders.I say Love yourself you deserve at least that much.


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Allure cover shoot!

Allure cover shoot,


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Baggy eyes

When it comes to seeking a solution for your sagging baggy looking eyes, it is no easy task. Many shop bought products either take an eternity for you to see any improvement (if any at all) and they can be extremely expensive. Going down the surgical route comes with more serious risks as well as being out of reach for many people financially and the recovery period can be quite lengthy in some case being an interruption to daily life.

Not the case with Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter, it is a truly quick, simple and straightforward way to get a bright, renewed appearance.

With the Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter, youll see results from the second you apply the strips to your upper eye lids.
The hypo-allergenic ally adhesive strips when applied to the upper eye lids gently lift the lids up to a more natural and pleasing position give instant results, like an instant eye lift. The petroleum gel when applied to the strips makes the adhesion greater so that they stay in place all day long.

Eye secrets Eyelid lifter is suitable for all; those with an allergy to petroleum may wish to consult their doctor before using the strips. They are totally invisible, made of a thin see-through material so they should not be noticeable to other people. They are not just for women; men can also attain great looking eyes with the use of the strips.

With a 30 day supply of Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter you can enjoy the brilliant results as much as you wish. They are suitable for all eye shapes and sizes, making them extremely convenient to use no need to cut the strips to size.

If your problem is not baggy lids but your eyes are deep set, Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter can also be of great benefit to help open up your eyes.
You can use the strips as frequently or as rarely as you like, they can be used all day every day or just weekends or special occasions.
Each strip should last on average 10-12 hours before you need to re-apply a new one and they are very comfortable to wear so you should experience no irritation.

Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter will enhance the general appearance of the face due to the lifting of the eye area that leaves people looking old and haggard, you can look instantly fresher and younger. Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter can be used with cosmetics and with your wider looking eyes you may find your eye cosmetics will look even better! Forget going under the knife, watch the years vanish from your face in under a minute and look like you have had a great nights sleep every single day by using Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter.


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Makeup mistakes.

We all make mistakes when we apply makeup,this video makeup mistakes,
is a must watch video,I love the easy way she she demonstrates the the right
and wrong way to apply your makeup,take a look and stay beautiful.


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Eye makeup.

Eye makeup video.A new way to apply your make up
watch the videos,I just love the tips,so simple to apply and what a transformation,


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New discovery From the Sunday Times!Plant pill reduces wrinkles?

STN2901LIF_373597kNew Plant Pill Reduces Your Wrinkles.

Reported today in the Sunday times,A plant pill reduces wrinkles, produced by scientists for the first time ever,it has been clinically proven to counter the aging process by reducing wrinkles.An Independent German clinic,tested and found that the oral supplement,which contains plant compounds,plus vitamins,is capable of reducing wrinkles,such as crows feet by 10% you can get the full story here just click the link, Sunday times The Wrinkles article.